Friday, 9 December 2016

7 Top Big Data Tools for Enterprise Developers

Big Data is now a critical technology utilized for leveraging data to enable better decision-making. Developers today have a wide variety of choice in picking a tool for their needs – open source or proprietary.

A through assessment of the existing data structure and the business requirements is essential for developers to identify the right tool. Predominant data formats, existing database types, available budget and the desired output analytics are some important factors. A few of the top tools that can be considered by developers are given below:

1.   MongoDB
This is an open source platform that that is heavily document oriented allowing for full-fledged indexing. Users can index any attribute and can also scale the data horizontally. Its a cross-platform tool that allows developers great control over final results

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A proprietary platform from tech giant SAP, HANA offers in-memory data storage that speeds up data processing and delivers more insightful data. It is flexible in handling all forms of data including spatial data, graph data and text data, at real time, making it a powerful though an expensive tool for holistic data analytics.

3.   Google Charts
A free open source platform from Google, this has a wide range of capabilities to handle data off a website. Primarily used for visualization, it can be plugged into a website with a simple JavaScript code. Developers can use it to create dashboards, carry out data management tasks, pull data from an external database, among other tasks

4.   Hadoop
Hadoop is the Big Data tool that everyone has been talking about. An open-source framework, it can handle, store and process massive amounts of data. Due to a distributed computing model, the data processing is fast and powerful. The tool is highly flexible and scalable, making it an ideal choice to leverage Big Data analytics for enormous data sets

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5.   Spark
Spark is an highly popular open-source data processing platform and is said to be the most active Apache open source project under Big Data. It is an extremely fast – 100x faster than Hadoop- and flexible platform, enabling analyses all forms of structured and unstructured data. Its advantages include use of multiple languages and accessibility to other databases. 

6.   Splice Machine
Splice Machine is a SQL-on-Hadoop database that analyses data in real time. The tool allows developers to utilize standard SQL on it, giving it flexibility and making it easier to use.
Splice Machine which is also ACID-compliant product is available on a freemium basis and has a list price annual license fee of $5,000 per node.

7.   Splunk
It’s a popular Advanced IT Search Tool used by many companies which derives information from machine data. To make it more lucid, Splunk has the ability to search, monitor and analyze through all machine generated data such as log data generated by applications, servers, and network devices across an organization.

This product further indexes structured as well as unstructured data and helps in diagnosing the problems, making it easy for administrators, business analysts and managers to detect requisite information.

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