Wednesday, 27 June 2012

SCD Type 1, SCD Type 2, SCD Type 3,Slowly Changing Dimension Types,Advantages & Disadvantages

The Slowly Changing Dimension problem is a common one particular to data warehousing.There are in general three ways to solve this type of problem, and they are categorized as follows:

  • Type 1: The new record replaces the original record. No trace of the old record exists. Read more
  • Type 2: A new record is added into the customer dimension table.Thereby, the customer is treated essentially as two people. Read more
  • Type 3: The original record is modified to reflect the change. Read more

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  1. Given the disadvantages of 1,2 and 3 is that we use type 4: separate table for all historical attributes.

  2. The information provided here is very good.

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  4. SCD type 6 can also be mentioned here which is a hybrid version of 1,2,3

  5. Excellent piece of information.. properly structured and systematic

  6. crystal clear explanation of SCD types. Thank U so much Dude


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