Thursday, 28 June 2012

Differences between Oracle 10g and 11g

Hi friends,
The below mentioned points are major differences between Oracle Internet Directory Release 10g and 11g Release which I found after reading one article.You can view the comparison of features in OBIEE 10g and 11g in the link provided here, Compare the features available in OBIEE 10g and OBIEE 11g
It contains the following topics:
  1. Instance Creation and Process Management Read More
  2. Locations of Configuration Attributes Read More
  3. Default Ports Read More
  4. Enabling Server Debugging Read More
  5. Command Line Tools Read More
  6. Path Names Read More
  7. Graphical User Interfaces Read More
  8. Audit Read More
  9. Referential Integrity Read More
  10. Server Chaining Read More
  11. Replication Read More
  12. Oracle Directory Integration Platform Read More
  13. Oracle Single Sign-On and Oracle Delegated Administration Services Read More
  14. Java Containers Read More

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