Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Informatica Power Exchange Change Data Capture

Change Data Capture is the process of identifying the changed records in the source system. In Datawarehouse to maintain the data we mostly have to track the newly inserted or updated records especially when it’s a Incremental load. This can be done using the timestamp of the record (LAST_UPDATE) or through any Version Numbers (VERSION_NUMBER,), Status indicators, Triggers, Log scanners on databases.

The Informatica Power Exchange Change Data Capture maintains the Business by capturing the inserts updates and deletes on the source system. The captured records can be then send to multiple target tables without any intermediates .Something to be noted here is that the Informatica Power Exchange Change Data Capture finds captured changes only on committed records.

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  1. When looking for CDC solutions, you should also consider the latest and greatest data replication product from Informatica -- Informatica Data Replication.

    Informatica Data Replication is an enterprise data replication technology providing the most simplified, rapid, heterogeneous and optimized data replication solution to tie together your operational and warehouse/analytical data in real time, across all the major appliances and databases you have today.

    The technology meets the following technical requirements:
     Handles exponentially growing data volumes and Big Data
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     Provides minimum latency and high performance
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     Maintains transactional integrity
     Provides continuous data availability

    The primary uses case include:
     Real-time Enterprise Data Warehousing for Operational BI and Analytics
     Data Synchronization across heterogeneous platforms
     Continuous Availability
     Offload Reporting and Query Analysis


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