Friday, 4 January 2013

Requirements Gathering Phase(HLD & LLD) in Data Warehouse Project Life Cycle

Business Analyst(BA): He is the person or a mediator between the client and the organization.
  • First Business Analyst is going to interact with the client to know about the client business and pain-areas, from that business analysis BA will prepare the document called as Business requirement document or BRD or FSD(Functional Specification document) or SPEC.
  • From the BRD,the development team will prepare the HLD and LLD.
HLD(High-level-design-document): Divide the BRD into different modules for requirement analysis, prepared by developers. An HLD document is prepared based on Business Requirement.
LLD(Low-level-design-document):  Gives the detailed information about each entity in the BRD or HLD, prepared by developers. It gives the details descriptions of the each module in details which is completely based on HLD.
  • GAP Analysis: This is the comparison between client requirement and reporting tool features like is the tool fulfill all the requirements of the client or not.
  • POC(Proof of Concept): This is the dummy or a duplicate model where the development team will cook the data manually and prepares a sample model which is going to send for the client's approval.
Note: The end product should be same with the POC.


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  2. I am not fit for that kind of job since I am not a business analyst but I can say that the job is not as easy as I think. But your blog is very informative. This is new to me.


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