Friday, 28 June 2013

How to Save Session Logs with Timestamps using Informatica

Hi, This is a simple Post explaining about saving session logs in Informatica with timestamps.
In Informatica we might get requirement wherein we need to create session logs with proper time stamps. By Default the session logs created are stored in the path $PMSessionLogDir as shown below

This path can be also given through a parameter file by giving required path.For example,
$PMSessionLogFile = /home/myfolder/configurations/

Its always better to parameterize all paths. When a session file is created after successful running of the workflow, session logs created will not be having proper timestamps. In order to include timestamps we have an option in the Session Configuration as show below .As seen below there are two options
1. Session Runs (Default)

2. Session Timestamp

In order to get session logs with timestamps please include the second option. Once session logs are created we can attach the same using Email task and send to the required email id.

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  1. How to keep only last 10 logs when I enable to save logs by timestamp?


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