Saturday, 6 July 2013

Test Cases For Data Loading In Informatica

Below are some of the test cases that need to be checked in Informatica .
  • Check If The Source And Target Data Base Connections Are Fine, And No Issues Accessing The Source Data. The Database Connections Should Be Defined In The Parameter File
For Example $Dbconnection1 =Oracle

  • If it’s A Full Load Check If the Truncate Option Is Enabled and Working Correctly. For Type 2(Scdtype 2) Truncate Option Should Be Disabled

  • Check For The Performance Of The Session While Loading The Data. This Includes Checking The Threshold Value Once The Data Is Loaded. The Performance Becomes Important When The Number Of Records Are Huge
  • Set The Stop On Error As 1 In Error Handling. Indicates How Many Non-Fatal Errors The Integration Service Can Encounter Before It Stops The Session. Non-Fatal Errors Include Reader, Writer, And Dtm Errors. Enter the Number Of Non-Fatal Errors You Want To Allow Before Stopping The Session.This Will Stop The Workflow When Informatica Encounters Any Error

  • Check The Option To Fail The Parent If The Task Fails. Fail Parent If This Task Fails Should Be Checked For All The Sessions Within A Workflow.

  • Check If The Logs Are Getting Updated Properly After The Data Load Is Completed. This Includes the Session Log and Workflow Log

  • Check If the Mapping Parameters And Workflow Parameter Used In The Mapping Are Defined Correctly
For Eg.$$Load_Value

  • Compare The Stage And Target Table Counts.
  Select Count(*)  From Product_D
  Select Count(*)  From Product_Ds

  • Comparing the Attributes from Stage Tables to That of the Target Tables. They Should Be Matching.

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