Friday, 21 March 2014

“ VoltDB ” - NewSQL DBMS For High Velocity Applications

VoltDB is a high performance scalable RDBMS and NewSQL Database primarily for Big Data, high velocity OLTP and Real-time analytics designed by Michael Stonebraker, Sam Madden, and Daniel Abadi.

It was one of the NewSQL databases first introduced as open source product in 2010.Demand for high scale and in memory databases(which means it depends mainly on main memory for storage) in the market has shaped great aperture for VoltDB.

Versions of VoltDB available:
  • Open source community edition
  • VoltDB 1.2
  • VoltDB 2.0
  • VoltDB 2.5
  • VoltDB 3.0
  • VoltDB 4.0


VoltDB stores data in main memory (directly accessible by CPU) in partitions thus avoiding disk—accessing memory giving high throughput and eliminates disk waits within transactions.

VoltDB has got distributed, scale out system in a shared-nothing configuration allowing each database node to operate in autonomous manner.

VoltDB supports SQL style programming and ACID (atomicity, consistency, insolation, durability) transactions, unlike the NoSQL databases.

VoltDB transactions happen within stored Java Procedures (embedded with SQL statements) which either succeeds or rolls back as a group, and hence guarantee database consistency.

VoltDB is an excellent solution for handling data in high velocity state and to enable high-velocity applications.

VoltDB is bi-directionally scalable i.e. it supports both scale-up and scale out architecture.

Command Logging and Snapshot features in VoltDB help to recuperate rapidly and effortlessly.

VoltDB export is a key feature of this database that allows integrating efficiently with OLAP systems.

VoltDB is very scalable; it should scale to 120 partitions, 39 servers, and 1.6 million complex transactions per second at over 300 CPU cores.”says Baron Schwartz in his analysis of VoltDB’s scaling performance.

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  1. Is it true I can use this as open-source in a production environment? I heard it was commercial.


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