Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Difference between Router and Filter transformation in Informatica

Router transformation provides us the facility to capture the rows of data that do not meet any of the conditions to a default output group.
A Filter transformation tests data for one condition and drops the rows of data that do not meet the condition.
Router transformation is a single input and multi output group transformation.
Filter is single input and single output group transformation.
In a router transformation, you can specify more than one filter condition.
Filter transformation, you can specify only one filter condition.
The router transformation does not block input rows and those records that failed the filter condition will be passed to the default group
In a filter transformation there is chance that records get blocked
Router transformation acts like IIF condition in informatica or CASE.. WHEN in database.
Filter transformation works as WHERE clause of SQL .

Advantages of Router Transformation over Filter Transformation
  • Better Performance; because in mapping, the Router transformation Informatica server processes the input data only once instead of as many times as you have conditions in Filter transformation.
  • Less complexity; because we use only one Router transformation instead of multiple Filter transformation.
  • Router transformation  is more efficient than the Filter transformation.
For Eg:
We have 3 departments in source now we want to send these records into 3 tables.To achieve this we require only one Router transformation.In case we want to get same result with Filter transformation then we require at least 3 Filter transformations.

A Router and Filter transformation are almost same because both transformations allow you to use a condition to test data.


  1. Thank you so much for the explaining the differences between router and Filter. Very easy to understand.

  2. in router t/f if row meets more than one condition
    informatica server passes that row multiple times ?

  3. Yes, tested that, and some of the records that met the first condition also went into the second group as they also met the second condition. It's easy to test.

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