Monday, 3 March 2014

Introduction To NewSQL

NewSQL is a new class of Databases products that offers high performance and scalability like NoSQL for online transaction processing and also incorporates the relational database properties like SQL and ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability) transactions.

The NewSQL architecture (distributed systems architecture) significantly reduces overhead and is proficient of running on a large number of nodes without suffering bottlenecks. Also they conserve the high-level language query potential of SQL. NewSQL is now considered as an alternative to NoSQL. 

NoSQL (Eg. MongoDB) as we had previously discussed are class of Databases that doesn’t use SQL.For more you can refer :

The term NewSQL was actually coined by Matthew Aslett, an analyst with the 451 Group.Some examples of NewSQL vendors include Akiban, Tokutek, Clustrix, VoltDB,GenieDB ,NuoDB.

According to Database pioneer Stonebraker who is founder of number of database companies
 “VoltDB's own system, which uses these NewSQL-styled approaches, can execute transactions 45 times faster than a typical relational database system. VoltDB can scale across 39 servers, and handle up to 1.6 million transactions per second across 300 CPU cores”.

Sprouting of new generation databases providers like NewSQL shows the demand it has in market.We will discuss about the some of NewSQL Databases Products in future posts.

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