Thursday, 4 September 2014

Informatica Scenario: How to Load Data in Cyclic Order using Informatica

To Load source records from DEP table to target in a cyclic order.
In this scenario  we will load the records present in the DEP table to Flat files in a cyclic order such that the first record will go to TargetFile01 ,2nd to TargetFile 02 ,3rd to Target File03 and 4th record again to TargetFile01.

For implementing this we can make use of sequence generator  with properties as given below.

You can route the records based on the NEXT VAL of sequence Generator using a Router as given below.

The overall mapping will look like this.

Below is the expected format in which target files will be created.


  1. Nice blog thanks for sharing.

  2. In Sequence Generator properties, current value should be less than the end value. Then how can we set both of them as 3.


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