Saturday, 22 November 2014

Inline Prompts in OBIEE 11g

A prompt that is created at the OBIEE analysis level is called an inline prompt. This is referred as inline prompt because the prompt is embedded in the analysis and is not stored in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog. That means the prompt is created for that particular analysis and therefore cannot be added to other analyses.

This prompts provides general filtering of a column within the analysis and in addition to column prompt it can be a variable prompt, image prompt, or currency prompt. We can select the columns and operators for the prompt while we create it. We can specify how it should be displayed to the users and how they can select the values. An inline prompt is an initial prompt, which mean that we will be able to view the prompt and select the values only when the analysis is rendered. That means once the user selects the prompt value, the prompt fields disappear from the analysis and the only way for the user to select or change the prompt values is to re-run the analysis. The user's choices determine the content of the analyses and the results that are displayed on dashboard.

Hope you all understood what is an inline prompt.
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