Sunday 11 January 2015


This post is just a recap of the most discussed topic in Dwhlaureate for the year 2014.

    Virtual Column is one of the new features introduced in Oracle 11g….. 

  1. OBIEE New Features 
    OBIEE has been released by Oracle and they included more than two hundred enhancements, designed to add new functionality for improved performance and deliver an enhanced end user experience….. 

  1. Hierarchical Retrieval In ORACLE or Hierarchical Queries 
    There is provision to display the reporting pattern in an organization….. 

  1. Invisible Indexes - Oracle 11g New Feature 
    Before 11g, 
    Oracle didn’t have the facility to make an Index Invisible or visible…… 

  1. “ VoltDB ” - NewSQL DBMS For High Velocity Applic... 
    VoltDB is a high performance scalable RDBMS and 
    NewSQL Database primarily for Big Data, high velocity OLTP and Real-time analytics designed by…… 

  1. Introduction To NewSQL 
    NEWSQL is a new class of Databases products that offers high performance and scalability like 
    NoSQL for online transaction processing and also 

  1. What is Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) With the advent of Big Data sets mainstream technologies like Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) systems is experiencing vital growth…. 
  1. Oracle Database 12C New Feature-Fetch& Offset 
    In this post we will discuss about a new feature that was introduced in 
    Oracle 12c to limit the rows returned in an easier and effective manner compared to methods …. 

  2. How to Unlock the Locked Table in ORACLE 
    Oracle puts locks while performing any DDL or DML operation on oracle tables. When table locks is present on any tables in Oracle we cannot run DDL on those tables. 

  1. Informatica Scenario: How to Load Data in Cyclic Order 
    In this 
    scenario we will load the records present in the DEP table to Flat files in a cyclic order such that the first record will go to TargetFile01 ,2nd to TargetFile 02 ,3rd to Target File03 and 4th record again to TargetFile01. 

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