Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Features of Mongo DB

Mongo DB is one of newest database introduced by 10gen .Mongo DB is an open source, on the whole a document oriented Database system and is a part of NoSQL family of database. Despite the fact that it’s not a relational database it has some of the imperative features of RDBMS and has got implausible speed. This DB is used in Projects like Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) , MTV networks and many others

Instead of storing data in tables here rows are replaced by Documents (basic unit of Data in Mongo DB just like a ROW in RDMS) and Collections (collection is a group of documents.) which allow representing complex relationships. It can manage huge amount of data and can load data across a cluster. Mongo DB can perform some features which relational database cannot do.

Below are some of the Features of Mongo DB:
  • Mongo DB supports Map reduce and Aggregation Tools
  • Java Scripts are used instead of Procedures
  • Mongo DB is a schema less Database
  • Most Importantly Mongo DB supports secondary indexes and geospatial indexes.
  • Simple to Administer the Mongo DB in cases of failures
  • Mongo DB designed to provide High Performance
  • MongoDB stores files of any size without complicating your stack.

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