Saturday, 19 October 2013


Cloud computing offers numerous Advantages .Few of them are given below:

  • Easy access to the information with lower initial investment  since we don’t have to spend much on the hardware, software or licensing fees  and more throughput since everyone(multiple staff can access, share folders and files) can access the cloud through internet  on standard web browsers anytime and can login from anywhere provided they have the required bandwidth.

  • Instead of installing software on our computer directly cloud allows to access files and soft wares through internet. Both small and big companies can benefit from the cloud approach.
  • Customers can access prodigious amount of storage space using cloud with minimal amount of money which they wouldn’t have access otherwise.
  • Operations are controlled by cloud vendors which allows the business to take of the extra liability of risk while deployment.
  • Customer need not worry about the software update and changes .Cloud vendors will take care of this and keep the item up to date. Cloud team will employ a devoted team for the sole purpose of maintenance and upgrade
  • Primary concern for the customer is the security of the data when approaching cloud but security is increased by ISO security standards and regular audits. Rather than weak IT security cloud computing improves companies' shield.

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