Friday, 9 November 2012

Write-Back Limitations in OBIEE

Users can write back to any data source (except for an ADF data source) that allows the execution of SQL queries from the Oracle BI Server. As you configure for write back, keep the following limitations in mind:
  • Numeric columns must contain numbers only. They should not contain any data formatting characters such as dollar signs ($), pound signs or hash signs (#), percent signs (%), and so on.
  • Text columns should contain string data only.
  • You can use the template mechanism only with table views and only for single-value data. The template mechanism is not supported for pivot table views or any type of view or for multiple-value data.
  • All values in write-back columns are editable.
  • Any field in an analysis can be flagged as a write-back field, even if it is not derived from the write-back table that you created.
  • A template can contain SQL statements other than insert and update. The write-back function passes these statements to the database.
  • Presentation Services performs only minimal validation of data input. If the field is numeric and the user enters text data, then Presentation Services detects that and prevents the invalid data from going to the database
  • The template mechanism is not suitable for entering arbitrary new records. In other words, do not use it as a data input tool.
  • Write-back analyses do not support drill-down. Because drilling down modifies the table structure, the write-back template does not work.

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  1. Thanks for the useful information.

    I am Shweta kumari. I wanted to know what are possible security concern of implementing write back in obiee 11g. And how user with writeback privileged can alter/delete the data in BI. Thank you.


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