Saturday, 4 August 2012

Folders in Informatica-Shared folder in Informatica

Folders provide a way to organize and store all metadata in the repository, including mappings, schemas, and sessions. Folders are designed to be flexible to help you organize the repository logically. Each folder has a set of properties you can configure to define how users access the folder. For example, you can create a folder that allows all repository users to see objects within the folder, but not to edit them.

Shared Folder
A shared folder is one, whose contents are available to all other folders in the same repository. Shared Folder is like another folder but that can be accessed by all the users(Access can be changed) This is mainly used to share the Objects between the folders for resuablity. For eg we can keep all the transformations ,source,targets  in shared folder and  that can be used across the folders by creating shortcut to those. By doing we are increasing usability of the code also changes can be made at one place and that will easily reflect in all other shortcuts.

Now we will see how to create this shared folder.

If you are creating a New folder and need to make it shared then.
1)Go to 'Repo Manager'.
2)Connect to the Repository in which you need to do it.
3)Go to 'Folder' and then click on 'Create.
4)Give  the required name and Enable the option ' Allow Shortcut' inorder to make the Folder as Shared.

If you want to do it for an existing Folder then
1)Go to 'Repo Manager'
2)Connect to the Repository in which the Folder is available .
3)In the Menu bar go to 'Folder' and then click on 'Edit'.
4)Enable the option ' Allow Shortcut' inorder to make the Folder as Shared

How to create a Folder:
In this we will see how to create repository folder.
To create a new folder:
1. In the Repository Manager, click Folder > Create.
2. Enter TEST as the name of the folder.
3. Select a user name as the owner of the folder.Because the user name is a member of the Public group, that group appears by default in the Group field. Users who belong to more than one group must select a group from the list.
4. Select TEST_USER as the owner group for the folder.
5. Click OK to create the folder.The new folder appears as part of the repository.
6. Exit the Repository Manager

Folder Permissions
Permissions allow repository users to perform tasks within a folder. With folder permissions, you can control user access to the folder and the tasks you permit them to perform.
Folder permissions work closely with repository privileges. Privileges grant access to specific tasks, while permissions grant access to specific folders with read, write, and execute access.However, any user with the Super User privilege can perform all tasks across all folders in the repository. Folders have the following types of permissions:
  •  Read permission. You can view the folder and objects in the folder.
  •  Write permission.You can create or edit objects in the folder.
  •  Execute permission. You can run or schedule workflows in the folder.
Also read about Subfolders creation inside parent folder


  1. how to hide a folder which is not used or i dont want that to be reflected in monitor

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  3. After I deleted a folder from a repository, I created a new folder again with the same name in the same repository.But workflows in it failed as it was pointing to the instance id of the earlier same named folder which i deleted. Why?

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