Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Main Features of Teradata Database

Teradata has a Massive Parallel Processing  system, Shared Nothing Architecture thereby eliminating resource contention. Teradata is mainly designed to accommodate large data warehouse implementation and has many data warehousing features embedded into the core of the database. With linear scalability (Software can scale linearly with hardware), unconditional parallelism, multi-faceted parallelism, intelligent data distribution, parallel-aware optimizer makes Teradata is capable of handling large data and complex queries. 

  • There are Teradata utilities to import and export data to and from host-based and client-resident data sources, enterprise server databases or departmental data marts.
    • Teradata Parallel Transporter
    • Teradata TPump
    • Teradata FastLoad
    • Teradata MultiLoad
    • Teradata FastExport
    • BTEQ
  • Teradata Database is easy to administer as the Teradata DBA never has to do database reorganizations ,pre-prepare data to load and pre-allocation of table space.
  • Teradata acts as single data store which can accept concurrent requests from multiple client applications. Overhead of maintaining duplication and separate databases is removed by use of single data source.
  • Executes on Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Fault tolerant at all levels of hardware and software.
  • Teradata users include world’s largest telecommunication companies like AT&T and leading retailers like Wal-Mart.

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