Thursday, 12 June 2014

Splunk Overview-For Operational Intelligence & Log Management

What is Splunk:
It’s a popular Advanced IT Search Tool  used by many companies which derives information from machine data. To make it more lucid, Splunk has the ability to search, monitor and analyze through all machine generated data such as log data generated by applications, servers, and network devices across an organization. This product further indexes structured as well as unstructured data and helps in diagnosing the problems, making it easy for administrators, business analysts and managers to detect requisite information.

Splunk’s web interface makes its easy to examine data as an alternative of going through each log files individually. Splunk helps in easier monitoring and log aggregation thus allowing non experts and beginners to extract important data from the log entries.

Its so versatile that the users include Managers ,VPs , CIOs, developers, support teams, network admins, security analyst and system Admins.

Some other advantages of using Splunk incude:
  • Used to generate analytical reports for business intelligence.
  • Used to index all IT data continously.
  • Saves and tags much needed information.
  • To set up alerts for specific recurring event.

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