Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Data Validation Testing Phase in ETL Testing

The steps are,
  • Compare record counts between data sources
  • Ensure that the ETL application properly rejects, replaces with default values and reports invalid data
  • Verify that data is transformed correctly according to system requirements and business rules
  • Compare unique values of key fields between source data and warehouse data
  • Ensure that all projected data is loaded into the data warehouse without any data loss or truncation 
  • Test the boundaries of each field to find any database limitations

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  1. Hi All,

    To my knowledge there is no tool in market to evaluate the file file layout or check the data type or not null fields or the default values between the inbound file and the database or between the source database to target database.

    But we are coming up with tool which to automate the complete ETL/DW/Application testing
    1. Validation of the source file layout to the target layout
    2. Evaluating the unique key field
    3. Evaluating the the datatype/Not Null/ default value files between the source and the target, this can be done between file to DB and DB to DB
    4. With the help of the inbuilt functionalities, the test cases and the validation SQLs between the source and the target are been written automatically and execution of the test cases is completely automated.
    5. With inbuilt Test Plan template IEEE standard and can also customize the template as per the company standards.
    6.Mapping the requirements to the test cases.
    7. Automatic generation of the test reports
    and many more features helpful for the testing ....

    If any one interested to know much about this tool kindly write to, we are preparing to give demo to the organization who are interested in automating the ETL/DW/Application testing process. With the use of this tool,
    1.The testing time can be reduced considerably
    2. No need to have extensive knowledge on SQL
    3.Less time spend on writing the test cases
    4. E2E testing of the ETL/DW/application is completely automated.
    5.Cost effective
    6. User Friendly

    Thanks for your co-operation, hope hear from your all soon.....


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