Sunday, 21 July 2013

Informatica Privileges

Privileges are actions that a user can perform in PowerCenter applications. You assign privileges to users and groups for the PowerCenter domain, the Repository Service, the Metadata Manager Service, and the Reporting Service. Informatica provides below privileges: 
  •   Workflow Operator:This privilege allows a user to execute Sessions and Batches based on Mapping programs for data loading using Workflow Manager Tool. 
  •   Use Workflow Manager: Allows a user to create Sessions and Batches and to set their properties using Workflow Manager Tool. 
  •   Use Designer: Allows a user to work as ETL Programmer using Designer Tool. 
  •   Browse Repository:Allows a user to view the content of the repository but manipulation is not allowed. 
  •   Admin Repository:Allows a user to Create and Maintain repository and its objects using Repository Manager Tool. 
  •   Admin Server:Allows a user to create Repository Servers and to set their properties using Workflow Manager Tool.  
  • Super User: All the privileges are granted to the user.

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