Thursday, 25 July 2013


As discussed in my previous post- What is a Debugger, we will discuss more about Informatica Debugger.

Informatica Debugger is used by Programmer for Test Data Loading into Target Database Tables or Just to view the data without loading. Main purpose of debugger is to view the step-by-step Transformation-by-Transformation) to trace out logical error.

Pre-requisites for using Debugger:

1.  Repository Server must be defined for the repository using Workflow Manager Tool
2.  Informatica Service must be configured and started

Steps For Debugging:
1.  Open the Mapping Program
2.  Mappings->Debugger->Edit Breakpoints:
 This is to define different transformations as breakpoint where Debugger has to stop to show the Data or Error. We can add as many breakpoints as required.
  • Select a transformation from the list
  • Use 'Add' button
  • Decide DATA or ERROR for stoppage
  • Define number of records (for DATA) or number of errors (for ERROR) to be skipped before debugger stops to show the data.
  • Use 'OK' button to complete

3.  Go to Mappings->Debugger->Start Debugger
  • Select Repository Server from the list
  • Select the session source. It can be:
    • From a Workflow (first option)
    • Reusable session (second option)
    • Debugg session (third option). Created temporarily by Debugger

4.  Define source and target database connections for Source Qualifiers and Target Tables.
5.  Select 'Normal' data loading option for Target Table under 'Properties Tab'.
6.  Disable option 'Discard target data' if you want to load data physically into Target Table(s).

7.  Use 'Finish' button to complete the process, At this stage we get some windows at bottom:
  • One window for Target Table Data view,
  • One window for Transformation Data View
  • One Output window for process display

8.If the first two windows are not available then use:
View->Debugger->Instance Data / Target Data
Select one-by-one.
Under Instance Window select an instance from the List and use F10 key to see the Next Instance of Data. Keep repeating the F10 key to view the records (instance of data).


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