Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Different Types of Logging Levels in OBIEE

Logging Levels
Logging Level Information That Is Logged
Level 0
No logging
Level 1
Logs the SQL statement issued from the client application.
Logs the elapsed times for query compilation, query execution, query cache processing, and back-end database processing.
Logs the query status like whether it is a success, failure, termination, or timeout.
Logs the user ID, session ID, and request ID for each query.
Level 2
Logs everything logged in Level 1.
Additionally, for each query,
Logs the repository name, business model name, presentation catalog name which is called as Subject Area in Answers.
Logs the SQL for the queries issued against physical databases.
Logs the queries issued against the cache.
Logs the number of rows returned from each query against a physical database and from queries issued against the cache, and the number of rows returned to the client application
Level 3
Logs everything logged in Level 2
Adds a log entry for the logical query plan, when a query that was supposed to seed the cache was not inserted into the cache, when existing cache entries are purged to make room for the current query, and when the attempt to update the exact match hit detector fails
Level 4
Logs everything logged in Level 3
Additionally, logs the query execution plan.
Level 5
Logs everything logged in Level 4
logs intermediate row counts at various points in the execution plan.
Level 6 & 7
For future purpose


  1. There is no file setup. we can setup at RPD and analysis level to specific user.


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