Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Types of Fact Table

The Types of Fact Table are
  1. Snapshot
  2. Cumulative
  3. Factless Fact Table
This type of fact table describes the state of things in a particular instance of time, and usually includes more semi-additive and non-additive facts. The second example presented here is a snapshot fact table.
Eg: Daily balances fact can be summed up through the customers dimension but not through the time dimension.

This type of fact table describes what has happened over a period of time. For example, this fact table may describe the total sales by product by store by day. The facts for this type of fact tables are mostly additive facts. The first example presented here is a cumulative fact table.
Eg: Sales fact

Factless Fact Table
In the real world, it is possible to have a fact table that contains no measures or facts. These tables are called “Factless Fact tables”.
Eg: A fact table which has only product key and date key is a factless fact. There are no measures in this table. But still you can get the number products sold over a period of time.

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