Sunday, 10 November 2013

Informatica Session Properties : General Tab

Below are some of the session properties listed under General tab

  • Rename to define the session name
  • Enable option 'Fail parent if this task fails' if you want to fail the parent task also in case this session fails. For example:First session is to load data for Employee table  and second session is to load for Department  table. Employee session is Parent and Department  session  is Child (Sequential Link), if Department  session fails to load data then we should fail Employee session also since an Employee without Department  is not possible.
  • Enable the option 'Disable this task', if you want  to run the Workflow but don't want to run this session.
  • 'Treat the input link as: AND / OR', if there are multiple links to the sessions, in such case we need to decide how the session success is  defined: When all the links are success (AND) or any of the link is success (OR).

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