Sunday, 10 November 2013

Informatica Session:Properties Tab

Below are the properties defined under "Informatica Session Properties tab".

  • Enter session log file name (any name) 
  • Define session log file directory using $PMSessionLogDir system variable OR define the complete folder path (/runbatch/session/test_session.log). 
  • Enter parameter file name with complete path (/runbatch/home/cfg/test_param.txt). Parameter file is used to provide values for System Parameters and/or User Parameters. Structure of this file is defined in very specific format.
Note: Parameters are created and used within Mapping Program using Designer Tool but values to them are provided via Parameter File. For each session we can have separate Parameter File or single Parameter File can be used for all sessions.

  • Treat source rows as: Insert, Delete, Update or Data Driven.
This option decides how the source records are treated for the target table. This option overrides record flag set by the Update Strategy Transformation in the mapping program. "To treat the records with the same flag as they are passed by the Mapping, use 'Data Driven' option."


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