Sunday, 19 August 2012

What is XML Transformation in Informatica

XML Transformations
In this post we will see what the different types of XML Transformation are
  • XML Source Qualifier Transformation
  • XML Parser Transformation
  • XML Generator Transformation Overview
 XML Source Qualifier Transformation
It’s an Active Transformation, as well as Connected.
Just like the normal SourceQualifier Transformation we can use the XML Source Qualifier Transformation by dragging an XML source definition to the Mapping Designer workspace or by manually creating one. The source definition needs to be connected to the target via XML Source Qualifier Transformation. This Source qualifier defines the data elements that the Integration Service reads when it executes a session.
XML Source Qualifier has one input or output port for every column in the source. If you remove an XML source definition from a mapping, the Designer also removes the corresponding XML Source Qualifier transformation. But we can link one XML source definition to one XML Source Qualifier transformation.
Also we can link ports of XML Source Qualifier Transformation to ports of different transformations

XML Parser Transformation
It’s an Active Transformation, as well as Connected.
We use an XML Parser transformation to extract XML inside a pipeline and then pass this to the target.
The XML is extracted from the source systems such as files or databases. The XML Parser transformation reads XML data from a single input port and writes data to one or more output ports.

XML Generator Transformation Overview
It’s an Active Transformation, as well as Connected.
We use XML Generator Transformation Overview to create XML inside a pipeline. It reads data from source such as files and databases and generates XML in the pipeline. The XML Generator transformation accepts data from multiple ports and writes XML through a single output port.

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