Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Execution of ETL using DAC

1.When the Execution of an Execution Plan Fails
When an execution plan is executed, if a task fails, the status of the tasks that are dependent on the failed task is changed to Stopped. While tasks are still running, the execution plan’s status is Running. When all the tasks have been run, and if one or more tasks have failed, the execution plan’s status is changed to Failed. You can check the tasks that have failed in the Current Run tab of the Execute view, fix the problems,and then requeue the failed tasks by changing the status to Queued. You can then restart the ETL.
All the tasks will then be rerun. You can also manually run a task, change its status to Completed,and then restart the ETL. Tasks with a Completed status are skipped.To restart a Failed ETL, click Run Now from the Current Run tab of the Execute view.

2.In Case of Abnormal Termination of the DAC Server
If the DAC server fails during the execution of the ETL, the status of the ETL execution will remain as Running. When the DAC server is started again, it will automatically run the ETL if the Auto Restart ETL DAC system property is set to True. If the same system property is set to False, when the server restarts, it will set the correct status as Failed. In order to execute the ETL from the point of failure, submit the request to the server again. The DAC server will automatically terminate if it looses connection to the DAC repository.

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