Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What is DAC in OBIA

Data Warehouse Administration Console (DAC) is a centralized console for schema management as well as configuration, administration, loading, and monitoring of the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse.You can also read about How to do Full load in DAC
The DAC provides a framework for the entire life cycle of data warehouse implementations. It allows you to create, configure, execute, and monitor modular data warehouse applications in a parallel, high-performing environment.
  • It manages the following data warehouse load processes:
  • Dynamic generation of subject areas and execution plans
  • Dynamic settings for parallelism and load balancing
  • Intelligent task queue engine based on user-defined and computed scores
  • Index management for ETL and query performance
  • Embedded high-performance OTLP change capture techniques
  • Restart from any point of failure


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