Friday, 22 February 2013

BULK Loading In Datawarehousing

Bulk Loading is a feature that’s used in Datawarehouse to load bulk data into tables.This is explicit utility that varies with the type of Database.

Example, For Oracle we use  SQL*Loader and for DB we use Load Utility.
Most of the Datawarehouse ETL tools used today makes use of Bulk Utility to load data, in some tools we may require extra plug-in also. For Bulk Loading we mainly require two kinds of file:

a)Control File: This file will contain the metadata of the datafile.This file will contain the location of the source file,datatype , column level information.
b)DataFile: This file contains the data to be loaded into the datawarehouse.

Once we have both the source and data files ready then we can write a command script to invoke the bulk loader and then load the data into the Datawarehouse.If there is any information missing in any of the Control file or Datafile then the bulk loading will not happen and will insert no rows.

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