Monday, 25 February 2013

Sequence Generator Transformation

As you all know Sequence Generator Transformation used to generate unique keys and the missing values in a sequence. To generate the Primary key we need to connect the NEXT VAL column of the Sequence Generator to the required target columns.

If Cycle option is not enabled then the session will get failed once the sequence reaches the maximum value.
Hope you all are aware of the columns like
  • Start Value: Default value is zero
  • Increment By: Default value is 1
  • Current Value: First value that is used in the sequence
  • End Value: This is the maximum value that transformation generates
Also there is column Cache value in Sequence Generator Transformation
Cache Value
Use this when while using Reusable Sequence Generator, this value will decide how many sequence value Informatica must cache at one time. This comes handy when we use the same sequence in multiple sessions

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  1. Q1-Source:

    Target Should be like this

    Plz Tell Me the Buissness Logic


    Q2-How many maximum dimension tables we can connect to one fact table?


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