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In most of the Informatica Interview the panel will come with Scenario based questions which is bit tricky and confusing. Here I have listed few scenario based questions:

      ·        How to removeduplicate rows in Informatica


  1. Alternate Approach:

    Please use SQL overide to pull all records from lookup table which satisfies the condition
    SUBSTR (Account_number, 1, 2) =’12’
    Then filter the rows from lookup which return null for this.

  2. Hi,
    Let me see if am clear in explaning my scenario, so that i shall get some good repsonses.
    I have both the source and tgt in oracle db.
    I am concerned bout 4 columns- CTR_ID, INVS_ID, ALLOC_PCT, SCHEME_ID... CTR and INVS_ID is the unique key combination in tgt. Now i need to do INS/UPD for the belwo scenarios.

    I --> For same combination of CTR_ID and INVS_ID, if a rec exists in tgt, then check for scheme_id.. if the srce and target scheme_id are different jus update the scheme_id alone in tgt.. this shall be done as TYPE I ins/update

    II --> For same combination of CTR_ID and INVS_ID, if a rec exists in tgt, then check for ALLOC_PCT.. if the srce and target ALLOC_PCT are different, then expire the current record in trgt and insert the new rec with src alloc_pct. this shall be handled in SCD2 if i m not wrong.

    III --> here comes the bottleneck!!!.. For same CTR_ID, I may have different INVS_ID in tgt.. I need to for this and apply the above scenarios .. Kindly suggest how to proceed...

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