Thursday, 28 February 2013

Difference In Handling of Query by Informatica and Database

Below are the few points to be noted while handling data through Informatica and Database.

Treatment of Nulls:
Oracle will treat null values has highest value while in sort order. In Informatica server at session level we can give nulls as the lowest value in the sort order
Case sensitivity:
Integration service uses case sensitive queries, which won’t give exact results if the case is different. Instead database like MSQL server is not case sensitive and results exact match irrespective of the case.

Datatype conversion:
Both Informatica and database converts the datatypes into different formats. For example in case of numeric to character conversion Informatica will convert the numeric 123 as character '123', but in database if you take a long numeric value its stored in different format.

Informatica will have datatypes precision that can vary compared to the precision in data types in Database.

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