Thursday, 16 August 2012

OBIEE 10g Installation Steps with Screenshots

Hi Friends,
Sorry for being late to post OBIEE 10g Installation Steps.I was preparing note on detailed steps & screenshots with prerequisites for installation and steps for testing our installation.I hope this post will be very much useful to you.Don’t forgot to leave your comments and feedback.
  1. Windows XP
  2. Current version of the Java JDK(Java Development Kit)
The JDK is required. The JRE(Java Runtime Environment) will not work.
Install Steps
  • Unzip Install Media
  • Execute Install Program 
  • Accept Security Warning
  • OBIEE Install Wizard Starts.It initializes and shows the required diskspace for  installing OBIEE.
  • Verify Requirements. Click Next to Proceed.
  • For the trivial install(It is the easiest to configure, smallest footprint install for any given version) we accept the defaults for install location. For installation type accept the default of basic. Click Next.

  • Choose Setup Type that best suits your needs.If you are installing for the first time then, Select the complete installation and Click Next.

  • Select JDK and enter OC4J Password
For this we need to browse and select the location where we have installed the Java JDK. Enter a password for the oc4jadmin user. Note this password on installation worksheet.

  • Windows Services Setup 
Accept the defaults as it is and click Next.This will cause the BI Server to be started automatically on reboot.

  • Select the language you prefer. Click Next

  • Review the location where OBIEE 10x will be installed and list of components/features to be installed. Click next to proceed.

  • Get a Message Regarding Installing .NET?
  • The installation proceeds

  • Success Screen

  • More Success.This will show the summary of installation.
    Our OBIEE installation is finished and will function correctly after reboot.

  • Reboot Required.

Testing Installation

We should see this screen at startup/login.
  • The OC4J Startup Window
When we reboot or the user who have installed using this method logins, the OC4J container will be started. This means that when the user logs out,the OBI will no longer be accessible to users on the network. This is one of the reasons this is a trivial install not a production install.
See the production install instructions ,if you require that type of setup.


  1. works ! Good Installation steps

  2. i followed same steps for installtion,but after the end of installtion when i am trying to start ORACLE BI Presentation servr
    but it is throwing an error like "Windows could not start the Oracle BI Presentation Server on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Even Log. If this is a non Microsoft service contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code -1."

    what is exact solution?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This is an excellent information thanks for sharing latest updates please keep share more content on MSBI Online Course Bangalore


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