Thursday, 30 August 2012

Oracle Data Integrator Studio-Topology Navigator

Administrators and Developers uses the Oracle Data Integrator Studio to access the repositories(Master and Work Repository).This User interface also allows to administer the security and topology ,reverse-engineering the metadata, developing projects, scheduling, operating and monitoring executions.Oracle Data Integrator Console is a web based User Interface which allows Buisness Users to read the repository.
ODI Studio consists of Four Navigators
  • Topology Navigator
  • Designer Navigator
  • Operator Navigator
  • Security Navigator

Topology Navigator
Using Topology Navigator we can manage the topology of the repository, context, and agents. Topology Navigator is used to manage the data describing the information system's physical and logical architecture
Designer Navigator
This is used to build the transformations and mappings. Apart from that its does Reverse Engg,Graphical development and maintenance of transformation, Visualization of data flows in the interfaces and also Customization of the generated code
Operator Navigator
Operator Navigator is the production management and monitoring tool using which you can monitor your sessions and control it. Just like the Workflow Monitor in Informatica.
Security Navigator
It is tool for managing the security of the Oracle Data Integrator.Using Security Navigator we can create users and profiles and assign privileges.

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