Thursday, 30 August 2012

ODI - Oracle Data Integrator Repository

Oracle Data Integrator is an ELT tool just like Informatica(ETL).The main part of the ODI Architecture is Oracle Data Integrator Repository. It stores the metadata about all project details. The repository is designed in such a way that it can exchange data between various environments like Development ,Test and Production.
The Oracle Data Integrator Repository is composed of a
1) Master repository
2) Work Repository
Objects developed in ODI are stored in one of these repository types.
Master Repository stores the following Information:
  • Security information including users, profiles and rights for the ODI platform
  • Topology information including technologies, server definitions, schemas, contexts, languages etc.
  • Versioned and archived objects.
There may be several Work Repository  but only one Master Repository.The Work Repository is the one that contains actual developed objects. A Work Repository stores information for:
  • Models, including schema definition, datastores structures and metadata, fields and columns definitions, data quality constraints, cross references, data lineage etc.
  • Projects, including business rules, packages, procedures, folders, Knowledge Modules, variables etc.
  • Scenario execution, including scenarios, scheduling information and logs.


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