Monday, 13 August 2012

Different types of Target tables in OBIEE?

Target Tables
These tables hold the temporary results as a part of conforming rocess.It is used as a part of ETL process to conform the data to fit the DS and FS tables.
Tables used to support the soft delete feature. The table includes all the primary key columns (integration ID column) from the source system. When a delete event happens, the full extract from the source compares the data previously extracted in the primary extract table to determine if a physical deletion was done in the Siebel application. The soft delete feature is disabled by default. Therefore, the primary extract tables are not populated until you enable the soft delete feature. Note that there are two types of delete tables: _DEL and _PE.
Staging tables used to hold the metrics being analyzed by dimensions that have not been through the final ETL transformations.
Staging tables for storing the hierarchy structures of dimensions that have not been through the final extract-transform-load (ETL) transformations.
Tables that store the dimension's hierarchical structure.

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