Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How to move mappings from Development folder to Production folder in Informatica

We can move the objects from Development folder to Production folder in Informatica by using any of the two methods.Before making any changes to the Production folder make sure you take the back up of all the objects.
Export and import
  • Export the mappings that you want to move from the DEV folder and save those as XML in some folder.
  • Take the back up of the Production mappings before replacing
  • Import these XML into Production Folder
  • Save the mappings
But when you are doing these we need to check the below things
1.We need to check the Replace check box in case the source or target is already present in the folder
2. For other reusable transformations such as source shortcuts, target shortcuts or any other transformations (Sequence Generator, Lookup etc) choose Reuse (not replace)
3. On Global copy options, in conflict resolution wizard, select (or mark) Retain Sequence Generator, Normalizer or XML key current values.

Direct Migration :
IF the Development and Production are in separate repositories then go to the Repository Manager and then connect to the development Repository.Then go to the Production repository and open that too.Then you can drag and drop all the folders from Dev to Production.
Problem might come when we export and import objects separately i.e. mapping, workflow etc. The big problems is shortcuts. In this case
1.Open Development folder from Repository Manger
2.Select only the workflows related to the mapping from the repository manager and export only the workflow XML. This will take all the associated objects (mappings, sessions, etc.) with the workflows.
3.Import from this single file into your Prod Environment.
This will import and export everything regarding a mapping.


  1. hi sir,
    as you said we need to check reuse option in case of reusable transformation !
    whats the reason behind that, could you please elaborate?

  2. Why does the Repo Manager does not allow to select multiple workflows at the same time? (even while holding Shift or Ctrl?)


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