Friday, 17 August 2012

Mapping Analyst for Excel in Informatica 8.6 OBIA

Hi friends , hope you all have come across the Mapping Analyst for Excel in Informatica Power Centre 8.6 version.I would like to just give a brief introduction about the same.In the coming days we will discuss more about the same.
As you all know before when we start a DWH project we need to gather business requirements from the client.It takes some time for us to analyze the functionality of the project and then make that as a document in technical perspective for ETL. This process is too tedious as a lot of valuable development time is spent gathering business requirements and then translating them into technical specifications, and then converting these  specifications to PowerCenter data integration mappings.So in order to avoid this Informatica has come with a new feature called Mapping Analyst for Excel.

Mapping Analyst for Excel simplifies the complexity in mapping by directly converting the data in the Excel into Informatica Mappings regardless of the format.This will mainly help the Analyst.They can follow a specific template for defining the source and target in the Excel and then send the same to the Developers who can directly convert this template into Informatica Mappings and execute the workflows.
Hope you all got a small idea….Will keep updating


  1. This post is great learning for me...

  2. It would be great if you could share a sceneraio alike and update us....

  3. bad resolution...

  4. Hi can you provide me the configuration steps for Mapping Analyst for Excel to my Informatica power center


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