Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Difference Between OBIEE AND Oracle BI Applications

Oracle BI Apps is the main business intelligence solution from Oracle.Its is packaged along with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition - OBIEE and is considered as the platform for Oracle BI Apps.

Difference Between OBIEE AND Oracle BI Applications

The main difference between OBIEE and Oracle BI Applications is that we use OBIEE for developing our own reports (manually)and dashboard while in prebuilt Apps we just need to deploy them without any customization. Also OBIEE Is the engine that holds Oracle BI Applications. Oracle BI holds complete package like Procurement and Spend Analytics ,Finance,HR etc. With Prebuilt Applications we get the physical data model -fact and dimension tables , Business model and presentation catalog -Repository and ETL mappings. We just need to configure them

Oracle BI supports all the below sources
Oracle eBusiness Suite
JD Edwards

Why to use Oracle BI Apps ?

The main advantage is that it can be used by any industry irrespective of the kind of departments.If its not suiting then we can customize the reports accordingly.
Using BI Apps the company can deliver greater insight to larger user communities across the organization via dashboards, query and analysis, and alerts.If we are building our own reports we can use OBIEE for that and develop BI metric, reports, and dashboard.Else we can just deploy prebuilt without any customization.
Most organizations needs analytic applications pull data from multiple enterprise sources and shed insight into the status and effectiveness of business operations. For example, a financial analytic application can track actual performance versus budget. A sales analytic application can track the size of the pipeline and identify the most profitable opportunities. A supply chain analytic application can optimize inventory levels, predict product fulfillment needs, and identify order backlog issues. While enterprise applications are required to run the business, analytic applications are mandatory to make sense of it

Advantages of Oracle BI Apps

In comparision with Datamart  and Datawarehouse the prebuilt applications provide the following advantages:
1.Less Time:
These Prebuilt Application requires less time to get deployed and start running. Properly designed analytic packages come with an integrated set of tools, data schemas, business views, and predefined reports and dashboards that significantly accelerate the time it takes to get a BI solution up and running.
2.Better Results:
Oracle BI application can deliver functionality and benefits that would be difficult or impossible for you to reproduce on your own ie with the help of OBIEE ,developing our own reports.
3.Single BI Apps is Enough:
Finally, packaged applications like Oracle Business Intelligence Applications allow organizations
to deploy BI on a small scale for a single department and then expand seamlessly to support
other departments using the same model and platform, delivering a consistent view of enterprise


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