Thursday, 9 August 2012

What is EAM in OBIA?

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) is part of Oracle's 11i E-Business Suite and addresses the comprehensive and routine asset maintenance requirements of asset intensive organizations. Using eAM, organizations can efficiently maintain both assets, such as vehicles, cranes and HVAC systems, as well as rotable inventory items, such as motors and engines. To measure performance and optimize maintenance operations, all maintenance costs and work history are tracked at the asset level.

EAM Overview 
Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) provides organizations with the tools to create and implement maintenance procedures for both assets and rebuildable inventory items. Maintenance procedures are an integral part of an organization's complete asset lifecycle management strategy,enabling an organization to optimize asset utilization. eAM enables users to optimally plan and schedule maintenance activities with minimal disruption to an organization's operations or production. Importantly, it improves resource efficiency, enhances maintenance quality, tracks work history, and records all maintenance costs.
Oracle eAM tracks the performance of assets (including rebuildable, inventory items) using meters, quality plans, and condition monitoring systems. By effectively monitoring an asset's operating condition, effective preventive maintenance strategies can be implemented. In addition to creating preventive maintenance schedules, users can create alternative maintenance strategies for seasonal or production capacity changes.
eAM's comprehensive maintenance functionality supports asset lifecycle strategies for asset intensive industries, including Metals/Mining, Manufacturing, Pulp/Paper, Petrochemicals, Facilities, and Education. eAM eliminates the need for spreadsheets and disparate data repositories, by enabling companies to manage reactive, planned, preventive maintenance, and adopt a centralized, proactive strategy for managing asset maintenance across an enterprise.
eAM enables an organization to do the following:
  • Create a preventive maintenance strategy
  • Maximize resource availability, including both equipment and labor
  • Optimize scheduling and resource efficiency
  • Integrate with Oracle's E-Business Suite for enterprise-wide solutions
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