Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What are the Advantages of OBIA

In comparision with Datamart  and Datawarehouse the prebuilt applications provide the following advantages:
1.Less Time:
These Prebuilt Application requires less time to get deployed and start running. Properly designed analytic packages come with an integrated set of tools, data schemas, business views, and predefined reports and dashboards that significantly accelerate the time it takes to get a BI solution up and running.
2.Better Results:
Oracle BI application can deliver functionality and benefits that would be difficult or impossible for you to reproduce on your own ie with the help of OBIEE ,developing our own reports.
3.Single BI Apps is Enough:
Finally, packaged applications like Oracle Business Intelligence Applications allow organizations to deploy BI on a small scale for a single department and then expand seamlessly to support other departments using the same model and platform, delivering a consistent view of enterprise information

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