Thursday, 1 November 2012

Object Level Security in OBIEE

As the name states, Object Level security refers to restricting access to OBIEE objects between different users and groups. The access to following objects can be restricted using object level security: Presentation tables, Presentation table columns, Subject Areas, Reports, Dashboards, and Project Specific shared folders.
Object-level security controls the visibility to business logical objects based on a user's role.

You can set up Object-Level Security for :

Repository level: In Presentation layer of Administration Tool, we can set Repository level security by giving permission or deny permission to users/groups to see particular table or column.

Web level: This provides security for objects stored in the Presentation Catalog, such as dashboards, dashboards pages, folder and reports. You can only view the objects for which you are authorized. For example, a mid-level manager may not be granted access to a dashboard containing summary information for an entire department.


  1. how to get the revenue upto 3 decial places, with out using data fornate,
    i tried truncate, but not able to get the result which i wnat ,
    can any one help?

  2. in physical layer u can put length 3 for that particular column. then always it provides first 3 decimals only


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