Monday, 17 September 2012

Cognos Components,IBM Cognos BI Tool Components

Before using IBM Cognos BI tool, we should understand clearly each of the components.

IBM Cognos 10 BI Components
IBM Cognos Connection
IBM Cognos Connection is used to work with entries such as reports, analyses, queries, agents, metrics, and packages.Used to create and run reports and cubes and distribute reports,to create shortcuts, URLs, and pages, and to organize entries. Read more

IBM Cognos Business Insight
IBM Cognos Business Insight is a Web-based tool that allows you to use IBM Cognos content and external data sources to build sophisticated interactive dashboards that provide insight and facilitate collaborative decision making by making use comments and activities. Read more

IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced
IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced provides a single, integrated environment for advanced business users who need to do more than consume reports and dashboards. Read more

IBM Cognos Query Studio
Using IBM Cognos Query Studio, users can quickly design, create, and save ad-hoc queries and reports to meet reporting needs that are not covered by the standard, professional reports created in IBM Cognos Report Studio. Read more

IBM Cognos Report Studio
IBM Cognos Report Studio is a report design and authoring tool. Using IBM Cognos Report Studio, report authors can create, edit, and distribute a wide range of professional reports. Read more

IBM Cognos Event Studio
In Event Studio, you can set up agents thereby decision makers in your organization can monitor data and perform tasks when business events or exceptional conditions occur in your data. Read more

IBM Cognos Metric Studio
IBM Cognos Metric Studio is used to monitor and analyze business metrics throughout your organization using customized scorecarding environment. Read more

IBM Cognos Analysis Studio        
IBM Cognos Analysis Studio is used by managers and analysts to understand their business and to get answers to questions that they have about their business. Read more

IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office
Working with IBM Cognos BI content in Microsoft Office application like Microsoft Excel,Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word thereby importing contents like data,chart into respective applications. Read more

IBM Cognos Map Manager
IBM Cognos Map Manager is used to customize maps when the regions in the supplied maps do not correspond to the way information is managed and reported on. Read more

IBM Cognos Transformer
IBM Cognos Transformer is a simple tool for modeling dimensional hierarchies and levels for PowerCubes.You can use this component to create a model, a business presentation of the information in one or more data sources. Read more

IBM Cognos Metric Designer
IBM Cognos Metric Designer is the modeling tool used to create extracts for use in IBM Cognos scorecarding applications. Read more

IBM Cognos Framework Manager
IBM Cognos Framework Manager is used for creating and managing business related metadata for use in IBM Cognos BI analysis and reporting.Framework Manager can rapidly create relational and dimensional models. Read more

IBM Cognos Administration        
Cognos Administration is a central management interface and it provides easy access to the overall management of the IBM Cognos environment. Read more

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