Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How To Change/Reset The Password Of OBIEE Repository(Rpd) / How To Open OBIEE Repository(Rpd) In Offline Mode Without Password

Hi Friends,
You can follow the below steps
  • Copy the RPD which you want to open to your local system.
  • Make sure that the BI Server is not running.You can check that by typing services.msc from Start-->Run.
  • Navigate to the NQSConfig.ini file on your local system. It is present at “OracleBI\server\Config”
  • Open the NQSConfig.ini file using notepad.
  • Under the Security/Authentication section in the NQSConfig.ini file, search for the below text and uncomment it.
  • Save the file.
  • Restart the BI Server services.
  • Try to open the RPD in offline mode without giving any password.
The default Authentication type for OBIEE is NQS but when we uncomment AUTHENTICATION_TYPE=BYPASS_NQS by removing the # symbol,it bypasses the default authentication and enables the user to open the RPD without any password.It can also be used for resetting the password of the RPD or sharing your RPD with others without sharing the credentials.To revert it back, modify the NQSConfig.ini file and comment out the AUTHENTICATION_TYPE = BYPASS_NQS again. Restart the BI services.

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