Saturday, 15 September 2012

Filtering Null Values using Filter Transformation-Informatica

To filter Null values in Informatica you can use the ISNULL function. ISNULL Function will test the value for port and check if the value is null or not.
For example:
Here the filter transformation will check if the input value for the port ACCOUNT_NAME is null or not. If its null value filter will discard the row and if its not null will pass the row to next transformation


  1. What if I need to add 1 more condition here, say REGION='NA'

  2. iif(isnull(ACCOUNT),false,true) and REGION='NA'

    can I write like this? If both conditions should satisfy for the records to be loaded into target

  3. iif(isnull(ACCOUNT),iif(REGION="NA",False),true)
    u can write like this in expression, after that filter the rows which throws false.


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