Friday, 21 September 2012

IBM Cognos Event Studio

IBM Cognos Event Studio is a web-based Cognos Business Intelligence module.It is the notification tool used to alert decision-makers in your organization of events as they happen, so that they can make timely and effective decisions. 
An event is a situation that can affect the success of your business.This tool can be used to create agents that monitor status changes, priority customers, your organization's data to detect occurrences of business events, or any other factor that is important to your business. It is used for creating and managing agents and alerts.Specify the event condition, or a change in data, that is important to you. An event is identified when specific items in your data achieve significant values or if they achieve some threshold value.

The purpose of a process or an agent is to monitor the data in the background to ensure that critical information is detected quickly and to perform tasks when a predefined boundary/threshold is reached.In Event Studio, you set up agents to monitor your data and perform tasks when business events or exceptional conditions occur in your data. When an event occurs, people are alerted to take action.When an agent detects an event, it can perform tasks, such as sending an email, adding information to the portal, and running reports.A task can be set up to do a number of actions, including send an email, run a report or update a database.

Agents can publish details to the portal, deliver alerts by email, run and distribute reports based on events, and monitor the status of events. Each agent has a subscription list of users who will be notified when the agent is activated.The IBM Cognos Platform includes a new service to support enhanced event management functionality called the Human Task Service. With Event Studio, you can establish a threshold or assign a specific event that sends a notification to the decision makers in your organization.It does this by allowing you to create agents to monitor events you are interested in.There is no limit to how many events you can set up. Agents can be scheduled to run at any time or frequency.

You create agents that monitor your thresholds or event, and when the threshold is reached or event occurs, the agent sends the notification or takes action. Notifications or actions include running reports, sending emails, adding information to the portal or running reports and monitor services. For example, if the event triggers a value that is less than a given value, event manager can send an email or an SMS to a specific user that contains a warning with the problem description and even add a link to a report

For instance, if quantity of a product on stock is less than a given value, event manager can send an email to a responsible person which will contain a warning with the problem description and a link to appropriate report.Then Event studio will take necessary actions.

If the number of subscribers in a mobile broadband service exceeds the set capacity, event is occurred and event manager will take necessary actions such as generating emails, running reports.

A support call from a key customer or the cancellation of a large order might trigger an event, sending an email to the appropriate people.Event studio takes actions such as generating emails, running reports, updating in corporate portal.

Example 4
When a metric you have been watching falls below acceptable levels an event is occurred and event manager will take necessary actions.

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