Sunday, 23 September 2012

Oracle 10g database Installation in Windows?

Below are the steps to be followed to install Oracle 10g Database
  • Insert the CD and click on setup.exe

  • Now you can see the Oracle universal Installer

  • Select the installation type. Select Basic Installation quickly install Oracle Database 10g. This method requires minimal user input. It installs the software and optionally creates a general-purpose database based on the information you provide.Provide the information such as Oracle Home Location and Database password

  • You can see the Installation in progress

  • The Product-Specific Prerequisite Checks window appears: Click next 

  • Summary screen appears.Click Install

  • The Installation process starts. Wait till it gets over

  • The Configuration Assistants window appears. This window lists the configuration assistants that are started automatically. 

  • At the end you can find password management screen where you can unlock the users

  • The End of Installation window displays that the Installation and database creation is over and also it gives several important URLs, one of which is for Enterprise Manager.

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