Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lookup Condition in Informatica Lookup Transformaton

Hi guys,as you now whenever we use a Lookup Transformaton in Informatica then we need to mention the Lookup Condition also. It’s just like the WHERE clause in SQL. When you configure a lookup condition for the transformation, you compare transformation input values with values in the lookup source. When we run the workflow, Integration service checks for the lookup source columns based on the lookup conditions .So when you create the lookup conditions you should be careful.
Follow the below guidelines while creating the lookup condition.
  • The datatype in the lookup condition should be same or matching (lookup source column and lookup target column).
  • Use only one input port for each lookup port used in the condition.
  • When you enter multiple Lookup condition it will treat as AND condition, so be careful with that
  • The integration services match null value also. So all the null values coming from the input will be evaluated.
  • If you configure a flat file lookup for sorted input, the Integration Service fails the session if the condition columns are not grouped

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