Tuesday, 18 September 2012

IBM Cognos Analysis Studio

Managers and analysts use IBM Cognos Analysis Studio to better understand their business and to get answers to questions that they have about their business.
Analysis Studio provides access to dimensional, online analytical processing (OLAP), and dimensionally modeled relational data sources.Users can quickly and easily perform analysis to get into the what and why behind an event or action so that they can improve their business performance.Use the interactive drag-and-drop environment in Analysis Studio to explore and analyze data to find answers to business questions.
With analysis, it is possible to see trends and understand strange condition or situation or variances that may not be evident with other types of reporting.Analyses created using Analysis Studio can be opened in IBM Cognos Report Studio and can be used to build professional reports.Analysis Studio users can easily focus on what is important even with large volumes of dimensional data.When you use Analysis Studio, you interact directly with visible data.
Analysis Studio supports the same drill up and down behavior and drag-and-drop control and provides effective ways to analyze large amounts of data.

Using IBM Cognos Analysis Studio, you can;
  • find and focus on items that are important to your business
  • understand trends and anomalies
  • answer business questions quickly and easily
  • compare data, such as details to summaries, or actual results to budgeted results
  • assess performance of business by focusing on the best or worst results
  • take good decisions after reviewing the results
  • analyze large amounts of data
  • establish relative importance using calculations such as growth or rank

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